Data Science for beginners: Step by step approach to learn with R programming

This free course on data science for beginners will introduce you to the world of data science and machine learning. You will learn what is data science? You will also learn introductory statistics in the course. You will learn R programming and implement codes in RStudio to practice data science. You will also get an understanding of various business applications of data science with the help of case studies.

Data Science for beginners

Follow our tutorials for step by step approach to becoming data scientist

  1. Read what is data science ?

2. Read what the world is talking about data science

3. Data science work flow for building data products

4. What tools to learn to become data scientist

5. Start learning R programming by Installing

Download and install Base R

6. Download and install RStudio

7.0 Create a project in RStudio to get started with R

8.0 Introduction to Basics of R: Getting Started in R and RStudio

9.0 Create, Modify, access elements of Vectors in Rstudio

10. Factors in RStudio: Analysing categorical data

11. Create data frame from Vectors in RStudio

Learn basics of statistics

1. Type of measurement scale: Understand the difference between categorical variable and continous variable

2. Descriptive statistics for data science

Create Portfolio of project to develop Predictive machine learning models

1. Understand what is machine learning? Different types of machine learning algorithms

2. Project 1: Predicting survivors on titanic ship using machine learning ( Classification Problem)

3. Project 2: Targeted Marketing Campaign for cross-sell of Term Deposits: Predicting conversion of cross-selling using machine learning

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